Thursday, June 7, 2018

Harvest 7 birds in 7 states in 11 days!!

Ever wonder what it would be like to accomplish successfully harvesting a turkey in every state? Well, we can't but we help many that are trying to accomplish that goal. It's not easy and when you strike out you have to go back until you get it. Challenging is an under statement.

Recently we had the opportunity to help check off 7 states for some very nice folks. We had 11 days to make this happen! With the help of local friends/guides we were able to successfully harvest a bird in 7 states in 11 days on this hosted/guided trip.

This wasn't without it's share of difficulties from missed opportunities in Connecticut on a mature tom that later resulted in harvesting a jake. Also in Rhode Island with a miss on a tom in the decoys which resulted in a jake. 

Adapting to hunting pressure and in the moment decisions that helped us gain access to properties along the way. This is truly a way to test the over achiever, either with the hunt or the hunt planning.

Some aspects of this type of planning are drive times to each of the states. lodging locations and how close they are to the hunt. Licenses and rules and regulations. Some of the states we hunted you also need written land owner permission specific to the time and place. Also, it's important to get a taste of the local flavor to fill in those non hunting times.