Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cabela's / Barnett Crossbows / OMM Outfitters Experience Report

Boar Hunters Pre-dawn Portrait

With its speed, accuracy, and ease of use the modern crossbow is quickly finding its way into the weapon's arsenal of young and old. 

On the quest to own this once ancient - but now modern - weapon hunters as old as 82 joined a unique factory tour, boar hunt, and luxury lodge experience hosted by OMM Outfitters, Barnett Crossbows, and World's Foremost Bank at the Saddlebrook Resort just North of Tampa, Florida. 

OMM's clients spent an entire day touring the modern Barnett Crossbow factory in Tarpon Springs and personally designing the ultimate personal crossbow - complete with their names engraved on the frame and a custom shipping container. The new crossbows were assembled as the clients watched and then Barnett personnel helped each archer sight in their weapon. A few spouses and friends stayed behind at the resort to enjoy the spa, pools, tennis and golf.

Nathan Theriault and Ben Barthle discussing the hunt.
The following morning hunters woke up before dawn, picked up box breakfasts and headed for the 15,000 acre Barthle Brothers Ranch for a boar hunt. Although the ranch typically only hosts quail hunters, ranch hands and guides worked overtime to set up stands and bait sites for the unique event. At noon-time clients and guides relaxed at the ranches' modern clubhouse and enjoyed a steak dinner while hogs were butchered. Fine dining and great fellowship helped make the event a great success shared a few of the guests who also enjoyed the reprieve from the cold and snowy northern weather.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Florida Gator Hunting 2015!

Successful 10 year old gator hunter. 

Manny Puig and client with
a trident speared gator.
Swamp buggy!

Fun times in Florida with our clients in

One of the most exciting adventures a person can go on is an alligator hunt. Seeing such a giant at close range can take your breath away.
Long time friends Hanging out.

The thought of being in their jaws can also come into play. All of these aspects brings a sportsman to an adventure like no other. However, it's not just about gator hunting with us. It's about having fun and spending time with family and friends in the outdoors. It's about swamp buggy rides and airboat excursions with a stop along the way to grill up lunch. It's about the "experience". It's the way we are.