Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Brunswick Whitetail Hunt 2014

Three years ago I was introduced to a sporting lodge that sits on the edge of the Tobique River in New Brunswick, Canada. My interest was in the spring bear hunting that was offered. While driving to visit the lodge I was overwhelmed with the many whitetail I saw. So many that my focus was not on the bears when I arrived but now on the whitetail deer. I dreamed of the day that OMM Outfitters would be guiding clients on this extraordinary property. In 2015 that vision will come true!

Full bar and restaurant in Main lodge.

8 pt 210 lbs Whitetail
2014 was the first year I had time to further investigate the potential of a New Brunswick OMM Hunt. Five people, including myself showed up at the lodge to hunt the last week of the New Brunswick whitetail season. This was to be a baited hunt which is legal in New Brunswick. Excited was an understatement.

The facilities are only two hours from our Maine operation where guided deer hunting continues to be economically compromised. This made it easy for me too get there on Wednesday of the prior week to help the lodge owner / friend with some needed site evaluations. My friend has never guided for whitetail in his area on this level we are preparing for in 2015. While there, I was able to scope some truly exceptional deer. One of the deer was in the 160 inch range.

Deer feeding in the yard.
Tobique River.
The week's adventures began. Everyone had opportunities to harvest a buck. The largest buck shot was an 8 point weighing 210 pounds. The hunt was a great learning experience and the time spent with awesome friends was at the finest level.

One aspect of my business is to identify new outfitting opportunities.
For next year, OMM will be in full control of the deer hunt and on location in New Brunswick. In the spring, we will start out the season by setting trail cameras over mineral blocks. We will then be on the ground locating rub lines and then scrape lines. Hunting will be conducted from the industry's leading manufacturers spacious blinds as well as ladder stand companies. Our goal is to produce a Saskatchewan type experience on the East coast.
Valley lodge fire place.

Valley Lodge.
Accommodations and food that characterizes the OMM Outfitters experience will be offered. This will be a chance for our new and existing clients to hunt with an outfitting company they respect and know fully what kind of experience to anticipate. We expect everyone will have opportunities at bucks and the ones that are willing to hold out will have a chance at a true northern giant!

Contact me now to reserve your spot in 2015!

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