Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maine Moose October hunt 2014!

September moose week is now two weeks behind us and we were ready for our next week's moose hunts. The first week went very well, especially with unfavorable conditions for hunting.

With the great team of guides, the ability to fly and hard work on the ground setting and checking trail cameras, we were able to produce great successes for both weeks.

Dave on left and Gavin
on right- father and son!

The Husky!
Scenery from the days hunting.
October hunt brought more of the same weather as we saw in September with warm southwest winds which generally always means swirling variable winds. These types of conditions make it difficult to successfully hunt our favorite areas during the midday hours. Despite the weather, there was a very positive attitude from the 9 moose hunters in our various camps.

Our clients included a professional photographer and Army Ranger and also two brothers ages 17 and 19 - both with permits. We also had an outfitter from Kansas, another part owner of an outfit in Canada called, Mirage Outfitters and a nurse to name a few. Every week is a great chance to learn about new professions and the people behind them.
Saturday produced three 50 inch or better bulls!
Lee and Ray with a great last day animal!
All our hunts were done during the September and October weeks and were all bull hunts. We were blessed to be able to harvest 17 out of the 20 permits we had. Everyone had opportunities to take shots. We learned a lot, not just about moose, but about each other. New friendships were built and others were deepened. The overall consensus was that everyone had a great time whether or not they harvested an animal or not.

This truly was again an experience of a lifetime and it's always sad to see the Maine moose hunting season come to a close. The biggest lesson learned from the week is to never give up!

Until next time, stay safe and happy hunting.

-Nathan Theriault

Dan with a great first day bull
that walked 175 yards into the call.

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