Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kentucky elk hunt 2014- Inaugural year

Mark and Earl Peterson

We kicked off our first year of outfitting on our newly acquired 200,000 acres in Eastern Kentucky. We had a great hunt, learned some of our properties and met some extremely nice folks. We were welcomed with excellent hunting on virgin properties and with some of the best hunting we could have ever imagined.

Josh and father Glen with Josh's great bull!

Beautiful scenery
I wasn't sure what to expect and for that matter I had never heard a wild elk bugle, I knew this was going to be the adventure of a lifetime. The cameraman Grant Boring met me three days earlier to start some "B-roll" and do some scouting along with scenery shots. Mark and his Dad, Earl Peterson, along with Josh and his Dad, Glen would be arriving shortly. We had three tags to fill with a week to do it.

The first spot the cameraman and I would arrive at would be something that we both would not have expected. As we parked the truck and opened the door we were welcomed by the sound of a bugling bull. Wait, make that 3, no wait, 6 bugling bulls. We decided to take a hike and try to get a look at the animals that were making such unique sounds. As we rounded the corner there he stood, a bull, in all his glory. He was a herd bull and was keeping a close eye on his herd of cows. This was awesome!

We were blessed to have taken two bulls over 300 inches and another great 6X6 by the third day of hunting. Everyone had a great time and the hunt was a huge success.

Earl Peterson's and bull elk, with son Mark.
This hunt was truly a learning experience. One of the most difficult things to do as an outfitter is the first year hunting a new area. It only gets easier from here and judging by this year, we will call this hunt an easy one or a gentleman's hunt! The elk were everywhere and hardly afraid of humans.

We are looking forward to next year!