Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 Maine moose hunt September!

The 2014 Maine moose hunt was an adventure never to forget. The team of guides and packers were non other than the most professional hunters and guides to date. The hunt went very smoothly despite the warm weather and variable winds out of the south, south west. with 10 out of 11 hunters being successful. The 11th hunter was added on later in the week and had opportunities that amounted to just that. Friends were made and others were re kindled.

A returning moose hunter that was drawn a few years back was happy to have his son drawn this year. He was successful to harvest a moose with a 51 inch rack that had kickers and non typical characteristics. We had located the bull while returning from a hunt in zone 6. Our guide was able to return to the spot in zone 3 the next morning and called him into close range for the shot.

OMM Bear hunt 2014!

Despite the looming of a referendum to stop the use of baiting, hounding and trapping, OMM had a banner year. We had a total of 27 clients, some of which traveled as far as Australia. Each of which saw bears, 24 were successful in harvesting great animals. The largest weighed in at 437 lbs. Guides, Jon Varnum and Henry Obrey as well as friends Henry Moncrief and Todd Hardy also harvested. Total bear harvest, 30 bears!

I was also able to harvest my first bear after 12 years of guiding them- a 252 lb dry sow. I hunted a total of three nights and saw at least 5 different bears on one site. I passed on the bear I inevitably shot. As an outfitter, time is of the essence. I also learned the bear sizes are extremely hard to judge!