Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lodge Moose Tag Law Enacted

OMM Outfitters, a coalition of outfitters, and the Maine Sporting Camps Association succeeded in getting legislation passed so lodges like ours could become agents for guaranteed moose tags. 

The law becomes effective in 2014. The number of tags is yet to be determined. We will be guiding these hunts for our lodge and affiliated lodges. We have a waiting list going for the “lodge tags”. The American-Plan rate for this hunt is $8,500. plus tax and the state $1,500 "lodge tag" fee, plus non-included costs like skinning, butchering, tips, travel, etc. A $1,500 deposit gets you on the list for 2014 or 2015.

Compared to Canadian or Alaskan hunts, given the travel costs and border hassles, these tags are an outstanding value. Plus, if you happen to be drawn in the recreational lottery, we'll find another buyer for the tag and only charge you the guiding and lodging rate for a lottery hunt.

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