Thursday, January 23, 2014

Asiatic Water Buffalo Hunt Set for February

The Trophy Feeds A Village!

The Monday following the SCI Convention Nathan will be taking a 13 hour overnight flight from Los Angeles to Brisbane Australia and then on to Wewak, Papua New Guinea for an Asiatic Water Buffalo hunt. Award winning, Jereme Thaxton, a veteran wildlife videographer, will join Nathan to capture the sights, sounds, and thrill of this unique opportunity on HD video for an upcoming episode of "Destination Xtreme"

With about 7 million residents, Papua New Guinea is in the Oceania ocean and a short plane ride from Brisbane, Australia. After a brief stay in Wewak, the team will travel about two hours by jeep to the camp.

Much of the country is mountainous and covered in tropical rainforests. The highest point of Papua New Guinea is Mount Wilhelm at 14,793 ft (4,509 m).  Due to its location along the Pacific Ring of Fire, Papua New Guinea has several volcanoes and is prone to earthquakes and tsunamis. It's most active volcano, Rabaul caldera, is situated on the island of New Britain, and as of March 2013 is engaged in an eruptive phase that began in January 2013. 

Example of a trophy Asiatic Water Buffalo
According to Lonely Planet, "the striking natural beauty and myriad complex cultures offer some riveting and truly life-affirming experiences. The island of New Guinea, of which Papua New Guinea is the eastern part, is only one-ninth as big as Australia, yet it has just as many mammal species, and more kinds of birds and frogs. PNG is Australia’s biological mirror-world. Both places share a common history going back tens of millions of years, but Australia is flat and has dried out, while PNG is wet and has become mountainous. As a result, Australian kangaroos bound across the plains, while in PNG they climb in the rainforest canopy."

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  1. I'm moving to Wewak in the fall and would love to hunt buffalo. But I didn't think you could get rifles into the country. I'm bringing my archery equipment, but would love to rifle hunt as well.