Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cabela's Signature Outdoors Adventure The Barnett Crossbow Experience

Hosted Adventure: March 19 - 22, 2015 
Saddlebrook Resort - Tampa Florida

A few times a year OMM Outfitters ventures beyond our locations in Florida, Kentucky, Maine, and New Brunswick. We are determined to do something special - unique - fun - memorable.In March 2015, we’ll be in Florida at the Saddlebrook Resort for a Cabela's Signature Outdoors Adventure. 

Tour the Barnett Crossbow Factory - Pick up your New Crossbow!


Ghost 410 Crossbow
Customize your new Crossbow
Embark on the experience of a lifetime to Barnett’s factory in Tarpon Springs, Florida, where you’ll be taken on an in-depth tour of the innovative, cutting-edge crossbow manufacturer. After seeing the facilities, you’ll customize and assemble a Ghost 410 or Razr crossbow – complete with accessories package.

After tuning and sighting in your custom crossbow, an all-day hog-hunting adventure awaits with OMM Outfitters. Nathan Theriault and a staff of professional guides will take you around a 15,000-acre ranch in pursuit of a trophy boar.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Brunswick Whitetail Hunt 2014

Three years ago I was introduced to a sporting lodge that sits on the edge of the Tobique River in New Brunswick, Canada. My interest was in the spring bear hunting that was offered. While driving to visit the lodge I was overwhelmed with the many whitetail I saw. So many that my focus was not on the bears when I arrived but now on the whitetail deer. I dreamed of the day that OMM Outfitters would be guiding clients on this extraordinary property. In 2015 that vision will come true!

Full bar and restaurant in Main lodge.

8 pt 210 lbs Whitetail
2014 was the first year I had time to further investigate the potential of a New Brunswick OMM Hunt. Five people, including myself showed up at the lodge to hunt the last week of the New Brunswick whitetail season. This was to be a baited hunt which is legal in New Brunswick. Excited was an understatement.

The facilities are only two hours from our Maine operation where guided deer hunting continues to be economically compromised. This made it easy for me too get there on Wednesday of the prior week to help the lodge owner / friend with some needed site evaluations. My friend has never guided for whitetail in his area on this level we are preparing for in 2015. While there, I was able to scope some truly exceptional deer. One of the deer was in the 160 inch range.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kentucky elk hunt 2014- Inaugural year

Mark and Earl Peterson

We kicked off our first year of outfitting on our newly acquired 200,000 acres in Eastern Kentucky. We had a great hunt, learned some of our properties and met some extremely nice folks. We were welcomed with excellent hunting on virgin properties and with some of the best hunting we could have ever imagined.

Josh and father Glen with Josh's great bull!

Beautiful scenery
I wasn't sure what to expect and for that matter I had never heard a wild elk bugle, I knew this was going to be the adventure of a lifetime. The cameraman Grant Boring met me three days earlier to start some "B-roll" and do some scouting along with scenery shots. Mark and his Dad, Earl Peterson, along with Josh and his Dad, Glen would be arriving shortly. We had three tags to fill with a week to do it.

Maine Moose October hunt 2014!

September moose week is now two weeks behind us and we were ready for our next week's moose hunts. The first week went very well, especially with unfavorable conditions for hunting.

With the great team of guides, the ability to fly and hard work on the ground setting and checking trail cameras, we were able to produce great successes for both weeks.

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 Maine moose hunt September!

The 2014 Maine moose hunt was an adventure never to forget. The team of guides and packers were non other than the most professional hunters and guides to date. The hunt went very smoothly despite the warm weather and variable winds out of the south, south west. with 10 out of 11 hunters being successful. The 11th hunter was added on later in the week and had opportunities that amounted to just that. Friends were made and others were re kindled.

A returning moose hunter that was drawn a few years back was happy to have his son drawn this year. He was successful to harvest a moose with a 51 inch rack that had kickers and non typical characteristics. We had located the bull while returning from a hunt in zone 6. Our guide was able to return to the spot in zone 3 the next morning and called him into close range for the shot.

OMM Bear hunt 2014!

Despite the looming of a referendum to stop the use of baiting, hounding and trapping, OMM had a banner year. We had a total of 27 clients, some of which traveled as far as Australia. Each of which saw bears, 24 were successful in harvesting great animals. The largest weighed in at 437 lbs. Guides, Jon Varnum and Henry Obrey as well as friends Henry Moncrief and Todd Hardy also harvested. Total bear harvest, 30 bears!

I was also able to harvest my first bear after 12 years of guiding them- a 252 lb dry sow. I hunted a total of three nights and saw at least 5 different bears on one site. I passed on the bear I inevitably shot. As an outfitter, time is of the essence. I also learned the bear sizes are extremely hard to judge!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Are you ready to feel the rush?

Maine moose hunting adventure of a lifetime, with-             OMM Outfitters.

On June 14th, 2014 the Maine moose lottery took place. Some have waited more than 30yrs to get drawn for this once in a lifetime opportunity. People gathered from all around to enjoy the festivities in hopes they might hear their name called.

On September 22nd the first season of the Maine moose hunt will take place. Here is where the fun begins. Months of scouting, flying and setting trail cameras come together for an all out adventure of a lifetime. It's truly a great time to be in the woods.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

HOFNOD "Hooked on fishing not on drugs" 2014- for the future of our heritage.

Great catch!
During the end of May every year for the last 14 years, a little lake becomes a place of greatness. Mantle Lake in Presque Isle, Maine and the local Elk's Club provide the opportunity for children of all ages to participate in a kids only fishing derby, complete with giveaways and prizes. Not to mention food, ice cream and more.

Registration line!
Donated Cabela's fishing rods and
Plano tackle boxes.
This year the turnout was outstanding with 280 kids registered. The event also creates an opportunity for underprivileged children to be introduced to fishing and helps inexperienced parents and guardians teach their children about outdoor sports. It opens the door for knowledgeable, contributing, participants to teach both parent and child about conservation, respect and education in sustainable management.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014 Moose Lottery Tags to be issued in OMM Outfitter's Zones

The Maine Moose Lottery Tag drawing is scheduled for Saturday June 14, 2014. Call immediately to book your hunt or to swap your cow tag for a bull.

Tags to be issued statewide: 3,095 with 10 percent going to non-residents.

WMD Bull-Only Cow-Only Total
Sept Oct Oct Nov
1 150 125 0 100 375
2 225 200 50 125 600
3 100 80 25 75 280
4 300 100 50 150 600
5 100 25 0 0 125
6 100 50 0 0 150
Total 975 580 125 450 2,130

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mexico Jungle hunt- Ocellated turkey.

 (The hunt conclusion)
Huge spider!
Traveling outside the US seems to bring out many questions. What will the weather be like, how bad will the bugs be and what kind of bugs, snakes and spiders will I come across? Also, I was thinking about hunting with a new outfitter, in a third world country, and the grim awareness that some are crooks pretending to be an outfitter.
As I found myself en-route to Detroit I couldn’t help but ponder the events ahead. Will success indeed be had on the hunt and will the food and lodging be as represented? Hunting can be a goal driven mission that revels in risk and danger. A Mexico jungle hunt was going to be just that.

Taxi/van Packed full!
Campeche Airport
Uniting with good friends at the Detroit International Airport we set out for Mexico City on a direct Delta flight and to join the rest of our crew of 8 for the final one hour flight to Campeche. Here we squeezed into a taxi/van with 11 large bags, a hilarious, yet expected sight in Mexico. We checked into a delightful and upscale historic hotel and soon were enjoying fine Mexican cuisine while listening to the guitar sounds of two Mexican strummers. Departure for the jungle was the next day around 11:00 am and the hunt was on!  We had 5 hours of driving complete with armed road blocks and one stop to transition into jeeps and extended midsize pickups before arriving at “El Campo”.

Sleeping tent. Pretty nice!
The Camp was surreal and the setting was on the edge of an emerald green river. The river proved both useful and entertaining during the middle of the day and great for bathing. The camp layout was good with tents that sat on wooden platforms.
Eating area.
Hunting began in the early morning darkness. As the light started to approach the horizon, an anomaly of insect and bird sounds arose along with the occasional monkey chiming in to give away the presence of one of the five camp cats that live and hunt here. Then like an opera star, the singing of the Ocellated turkey began! What an amazing sound!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring! Jungle Birds of the Yucatan.

Something is special about this time of year. The sounds of song birds happily awaiting a mate, the deer that’s dashing around the field or that so familiar smell of the freshness we call spring. With this great time of year comes a piercing sound while in the woods in the early part of the day. It’s a sound that when heard brings you to a place we call turkey season and what an exciting season this is!

On April 28, I will be venturing beyond the so familiar spring sounds and smells to the Mexican jungle and its sights, smells, and new sounds of a far off place. I will be pursuing a turkey unlike anything else. A turkey called the Ocellated Turkey. The Ocellated Turkey is a Picasso like bird with strong peacock characteristics.

When I found out about this trip I got excited.  Not only do I like jungles and the adventure of faraway places but I love turkey hunting. Also, this is going to be a trip to spend time with a few great sportsmen / television personalities and our film crew. Over the last year, Jason and Josh Whitaker of The Whitaker Brothers Hunting Company, Mark Peterson of MVP Outdoor Adventures, and I have been filming extensively for two TV shows set to air in 2015. It has been a busy season and now we are gathering in one place and that place is the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

The Yucatan is a great adventure destination with a rich history both in nature and also ancient culture.  It was largely known for its cattle and logging. Today it focuses on tourism and the ancient living culture that still exists attracts people from afar. This is truly going to be an experience of a lifetime!

Read more: Lonely Planet

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hosted Water Buffalo Hunt February 2015

Okay, so here's the deal.

I’ve been thinking about a follow up blog on my Papua New Guinea (PNG) water buffalo hunt and I am having a hard time holding back, so here it goes. I'm offering an opportunity to travel with me back to PNG, to hunt one of the most dangerous animals that walks the planet. 

When I say dangerous I mean it's like this. I received an international call shortly after posting my last PNG blog with the trophy pictures. The call was from a well traveled gentleman from Africa who hunts and has hunted all species of buffalo. (Think: Indiana Jones.) We had great conversation, knowing that we were two of the few and when I say few, I mean very few that have traveled to such a remote place as the PNG bush, with little-to-no outfitters available. Implying that no more dangerous hunts exists, his message was clear, "if I were to bring people down there I'd make sure they carry their own premium insurance." At that point it struck me, again. This was a dangerous hunt. These buffalo do not like to be targets of native spears and bullets of foreigners! The fact that it took 6 bullets to finally put down my February 2014 trophy was one thing, but not before it charges prior to the final two shots. So enough said, time to go purchase your travel insurance because this upcoming hosted hunt is an opportunity of a lifetime.

A little more about PNG and I will be blunt about it. During the daytime we experienced temperatures in the 90's with extremely high humidity and low 80's at night. The place was crawling with snakes, spiders, ants and many other creepy, scuttling things. The benefits - see and travel where only local villagers have or maybe haven't. A place that you could easily stumble upon life-forms that had never been seen. This place has adventure around every corner. Now that being said, our base camp hotel in Wewak, just a bumpy two hour drive away, is resort quality with a fine restaurant, air conditioning, pool, and lots of international intrigue. An oasis. Memories and friends were made at the lounge here too! Our remote camp excursion in 2015 will incorporate some OMM enhancements.

The 2015 trip will be after the SCI Convention. Our small group of adventure seekers will leave from Los Angeles on a Monday. Let’s go on an adventure! You can do this! Call today to reserve your spot. Call: 207-444-7529.

More about Hosted Hunts:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2014 - New Thermal Imaging Technology from EOTech for Consumers

Our constant search for superior products to use in the field helps produce the quality hunting experiences you can expect from OMM. 

Buy today from OMM's Gun Shop
Just $3,295 - retail $3,799.
Limited quantities - Call: 207-227-7529
Today I want to share with you my positive experience with an EOTech thermal imaging product. It aids visibility in day or night time conditions. The device works on sensing levels of heat, for tracking and locating, and it works at great distances.

Thermal imaging technology used by the military and law enforcement caught my attention in 2008 as a convenient tool for tracking wounded and dangerous black bears after dark and for scouting moose. I got to use a device issued to a SWAT team member hunting moose with me in Maine. However, at the time, even if an unclassified consumer product was available, the $10,000 price tag made me pause.

Today anyone can own an even more advanced version than the pricey SWAT issued scope. Retail prices are in the $3,000 to $4,000 range. Technology is always advancing and today military suppliers are looking for a retail market for this advanced technology. (Be careful when traveling with a thermal scope, not all foreign countries allow non-military use of these devices.)

Monday, March 31, 2014

TROPHY BULL MOOSE- remote back country, waterway hunt

Hunt your trophy bull moose out of a boat, for an adventure of a lifetime. We have identified waterways through scouting from our Husky bush plane. The hunt is zone specific to areas we have scouted numerous, high 180in to 200+in bulls.

This is a physical hunt that consists of one guide and two assistants. This is a remote hunt, it's just you and your guide/assistants.

Multiple tent camp locations will be utilized. Accommodations will be detailed and well planned with great food. Tent camp will be home during the night stay. Guides and assistants are experienced in all aspects of your hunt. Our airplane is used to identify bulls living in the area during your weeks hunt.

Hunt price: $12,995

1.       All Transportation during hunt.
2.       Food, beverages and lodging.
3.       Skinning, capping and quartering.
4.       Scouting on the river and flying the area extensively. 

Not included-
1.       Travel to our location
2.       License and tag fees.
3.       Processing fees.
4.       Gratuity for guide and crew.

Friday, March 21, 2014

OMM Outfitters- Maine Turkey hunting Adventure: Eastern wild turkey.

OMM Outfitters is pleased to offer some of the best turkey hunting Maine has to offer. 

Our hunting grounds are located in Burnham just a short distance from the Bangor airport and within 3hrs from Portland. This property has hundreds of privately owned acres and access to adjacent private ground. The property consists of hay fields surrounded by timberlands. Turkeys are found in abundance and an adventure of a lifetime awaits you here.

This first class 3 day, 3 night hunt is an all-inclusive hunt. Your hunt comes with first class lodging in a comfortable cabin that sleeps 4. It has all the amenities. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served consisting of homemade desserts, lobster and steak. For this hunt we require a 2 person minimum and offer 2X1 or 1X1 guide service packages. First class, professional OMM approved guides with attention to detail will help you succeed in your adventure of a lifetime.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Florida Alligator - Osceola Turkey 2014

Gator boots and apparel has become popular not only in Hollywood but also in the hunting community. We have done several hunts with this on our clients’ minds. How cool is it to harvest an animal and create a life lasting piece of artwork that you can wear!

This was the case with Dana Peterson. Dana has hunted with us in Maine and this year came down to shoot gators and hogs. He was extremely successful in booth harvesting an 8ft gator and 4 great hogs!
Two Great Osceola Turkeys!

This was filmed for "The Guides"
a reality TV series airing in 2015.
Our 2014 Florida hunts were a huge success with two repeat customers and some great new clients from Texas and Delaware. The hunting was good and the camaraderie great! God blessed us with great hunting and great times.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trophy Water Buffalo From Papua New Guinea - Feeding a Village

New places are something of mystery. The vistas, smells, culture, language and food are just a few of the exciting aspects of visiting new places. This 10 day trip took me over 9,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean and 500 miles by vehicle to explore and study and hunt the great Asiatic water buffalo. 

According to various web sites, this species of buffalo (Carabao) was introduced to PNG as a domestic animal by the Germans prior to World War I. It was resistant to tick fever which was inflicting the cattle. Coconut plantations used them as draught animals. Today the meat from the buffalo, along with feral pigs and Rusa deer, feed entire villages - each part of the animals is consumed or utilized. The hunt for Buff is conducted in a 20 square mile lowland grassy region South West of Wewak the capital of East Sepik, PNG.

City View from Inn at Wewak
On Approach to Wewak
Upon arriving I was hit by a surreal feeling of excitement and adventure, and a time change. I was now 15 hours ahead of east coast time. The smell was different, the weather was hot and muggy, and the people very unique and interesting. The first day was spent at an elegant tropical hotel owned by Chinese people and a short distance from the airport. A great place to re-charge after days on my feet at the SCI Convention and a transcontinental trip.