Monday, July 15, 2013

Legendary Eagle Lake Fishing Returns

Robert Lowe and Dan Hayes

So does a Solid Brass Propeller Restored and Now Displayed in the Roosevelt Dining Room

Robert Lowe and Dan Hayes from Connecticut have been fishing Eagle Lake for over 40 years. Although they visited the site of the Eagle Lake Sporting Camps many times over the years while fishing and camping along the thoroughfare, 2013 was the first time they made the camps their destination. Both were rewarded with the best fishing they had ever experienced around Eagle Lake.

The two are shown at the left holding the original propeller from the inboard Gray Marine boat engine. The boat now rotting away near the thoroughfare transported guest to the camps from the 1930's. The propeller was recovered and carefully restored and displayed in Connecticut until returned to its home when Bob and Dan visited.

Fish Biting in the Salmon Pools

Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Florida Hog - Alligator - Axis - Hunts With OMM Outfitters

Florida Alligators

Three Generations Enjoy Graduation Celebration at Florida Ranch with OMM Outfitters

JUNE 2013

AR Action on the Range

Unprecedented rainy weather filled the ponds and kept the ranch roads muddy into Thanksgiving. But before the real wet weather arrived OMM clients from Atlanta and Seattle enjoyed the shaded shooting range, action-packed alligator hunts with new AR rifles, Maine lobster, and thick Delmonico Steaks!

Maine Lobsters and Steak at the Florida Ranch
Axis Deer at the Ranch