Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nathan's Key Unlocks World Famous "Casket" at Atlantic Salmon for Northern Maine Banquet

The annual Atlantic Salmon Spring Banquet at the Northeastland Hotel brings together sportsmen, farmers, merchants and donors.

Atlantic Salmon For Northern Maine is a nonprofit organization that is entirely volunteer run. It built, owns and operates the Dug Brook Fish Hatchery on the banks of the Aroostook River in Sheridan, ME that produces salmon fry annually. The fry are then introduced into numerous locations along the river and the cycle of the salmon begins.

With the help of volunteers, private donations and fundraisers the foundation continues to keep this threatened fish returning to one of the few native rivers in Maine. The hope is to be able to restore them to their past glory of being sought by fly fishermen from around the world.

Nathan Theriault
Nathan picked the key that opened the world famous casket featuring first class fishing equipment from various outfitters throughout the state.