Friday, March 22, 2013

OMM Outfitters trip to Talley Headquarters! Santee, South Carolina.

How it all starts!
From left to right; Gary Turner, Ron Shaffer,
Terry Johnson, Nathan Theriault

My recent visit to the headquarters of Talley Rings and bases, in Santee, South Carolina. What a first class facility. Learned a lot about machining. To produce a great product, you need innovation and only the best equipment.

Factory Floor


I also met with Terry Johnson. Terry's passion is building firearms. He is a phenomenal gun builder who OMM will be working with exclusively. He builds firearms from the ground up with only the best parts in the business used. We are very excited to start our partnership with such great talent!

McMillan Stocks!

Terry Johnson holding one of his custom
wood stock firearms. 
Pictured here is a 280.
The detail in the wood is outstanding.
It is a beautiful piece.
Custom firearms stocks start
with a solid block of wood.

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