Friday, March 22, 2013

OMM Outfitters trip to Talley Headquarters! Santee, South Carolina.

How it all starts!
From left to right; Gary Turner, Ron Shaffer,
Terry Johnson, Nathan Theriault

My recent visit to the headquarters of Talley Rings and bases, in Santee, South Carolina. What a first class facility. Learned a lot about machining. To produce a great product, you need innovation and only the best equipment.

Factory Floor


I also met with Terry Johnson. Terry's passion is building firearms. He is a phenomenal gun builder who OMM will be working with exclusively. He builds firearms from the ground up with only the best parts in the business used. We are very excited to start our partnership with such great talent!

McMillan Stocks!

Terry Johnson holding one of his custom
wood stock firearms. 
Pictured here is a 280.
The detail in the wood is outstanding.
It is a beautiful piece.
Custom firearms stocks start
with a solid block of wood.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Florida 2013 Gators and Exotics

Bud Hughes with his Nalgai Bull. What a trophy! He made an excellent shot at 60 yards. 

Congratulations to Mark Peterson on a Great 11' Alligator. His gator hunt was action packed with the gator surfacing within feet of him. He was able to make a perfect shot sealing the deal. He also harvested an armadillo and a 200 plus pound hog!

Father, Mother, Daughter's 2013 Florida alligator and hog hunt.

2013 hunts at the Florida Ranch. Great trophies! Alligators and Hogs! Excellent memories made enjoying this great resource on an exclusive private ranch in South Florida, hosted by OMM Outfitters. Memories made by a father, mother and daughter that will last a lifetime. Congratulation's to the Swain's! 

Wow !!!   What a week !!!  More than any Dad could ever expect; a “Spring Break Hunt” with his wife and 19 year-old college daughter, Lizy, at the OMM’s Florida Ranch in sunny, warm Florida. Having been on many hunts with many outfitters over the years some good, some not so good …… OMM OUTFITTERS – Great … Awesome…! T.S. New Hampshire

L3-EOTech's Millionth sight, Osceola Turkey hunt at the Ranch 2013.

EOTech's 2013 Osceola Turkey hunt at the Florida Ranch was a great success. EOTech was celebrating the production of its one millionth sight. Follow EOTech and this hunt on the link below. You can  also find out how to win a free sight.     

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Custom Firearms Sales

  • Firearm Sales
  • Optic and accessories
  • Custom Shop
  • Firearm set up and sight in
Your time is valuable. You invest thousands of dollars to get to your hunting destination. You demand the best from your optics, footwear, apparel, and outfitter. However, does your weapon perform as well as it could? Could adjustments be made to help you gain the confidence of a professional marksman?

Out of the carton, the performance of today’s modern firearm is truly remarkable. Yet investments in custom features from a crisp and light trigger, superior optics, precision mounts, and the appropriate load yields a remarkable return in peace of mind. When testing your ability to deliver those tight groupings, like a violinist with a 300 year-old instrument, the quality of the weapon, indeed, makes a difference in the performance!

Invest in a custom set-up weapon from OMM Outfitters.