Friday, February 15, 2013

Maine Moose Lottery Odds Improve During 2013

Dave Incorvaia with his 2012 Bow Harvested Trophy

The regular moose lottery odds should improve dramatically during 2013 since total permits are expected to increase to over 4,100. 

The 2013 Moose Lottery Application Deadline is fast approaching. 
May 13, 2013 is the deadline for applying online. The winners will be announced on June 15.

It's TIME! Apply on-line now. APPLY FOR ZONES. 2,3,6,1,7,8,4,9,10. SEPT, OCT (ONLY).  Applying for a bull or cow tag will increase your odds of being drawn. Maine offers a swap program and if you draw a cow tag we may be able to swap a cow tag for a bull tag in our zones.